Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's hot baby, hot!

I've been reading about record-breaking heat all over the United States so far and man has it been hot! Here in southern Illinois the heat is oppressive and I can't wait for a break. My air conditioner needs services so that means my house is hot, hot, hot!

A friend who works at a local gas station had to deal with a 100-degree day of heat with no air conditioning in a small, outdoor fuel kiosk. His solution? Pretty nifty and redneck rolled up into one but it worked well enough to keep him from becoming overheated. He filled a Styrofoam cooler with ice and placed an oscillating fan behind it.

For some more great tips on keeping cool when the heat is blazing, check out my friend Marie Anne St. Jean's article How to Keep Your Cool Without Air Conditioning.

Stay cool!


  1. It sure as hot hot baby! Marie Ann's tips are great...I remember having to utilize a few of them back before I had central air. Dribbling water on top of the head helps too, so long as your not particular about what your do looks like!

  2. Good idea on the cooler filled with ice! Thanks for featuring my article, Tammy.